Saturday, 7 August 2010

Scotland - Linwood to Electric Brae route

Our 3rd run, and I have to admit a fantastic day out, we were quite lazy and did short runs and stopped way too often, saying that it was such a nice day we had to soak up some of the August sun. I have personally never been around this part of Scotland, at least not on these roads, it was an absolutely fantastic experience. We met up at ASDA in Linwood from where we headed for petrol 1st.

Ann and I was late due the the fact that Rangers decided to schedule a football match around the same time our run was meant to start, it took us an additional 30 min to get to Linwood, filtering through traffic on the M8 from J10 onwards.

The Route:

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The Ship Inn, lunchtime

Irvine - We stopped all over the place, our first official stop was in Irvine for lunch at the The Ship Inn, again an exceptional lunch, I had the Lamb shank, Ann and Mauro had Steak Pie and Jamie had Haggis, desert was sticky toffee pudding with ice cream all round.


A719 - Our 2nd stop was just outside Ayr on the A719, a fantastic view, we had great weather and probably spent 30 min faffing about next to the road.

The Electric Brae

Electric Brae - Our 3rd stop was at the Electric Brae, unfortunately I didn’t experience the effect, I put it down to the new specs and maybe the fact that i was concentrating on not falling off.

 Electric Brae 079

Wind farm - Our 4th stop was at the wind farm just off the A77, very impressive indeed, I have to say the road markings on the way up there confused the shit out of me and Jamie, if traffic decided to use them all over the country nobody would even consider speeding, eventually we figured out it was actually markings to indicate bicycle lanes and the middle part was for traffic going both ways, very interesting indeed, especially when cars are coming towards you.

Glasgow BP - Our final stop was back in Glasgow at the BP garage (helping them recover from the oil spill) for a quick refuel so Ann and I could get home.


Mauro suggested the route, it was absolutely fantastic, we did do a lot of town driving through Prestwick and Ayr which put some strain on the 2 hooligans in the group, Mauro and I on our sensible motorcycles were more than happy doing low speed stop and start activity, no fans blowing constantly, no wrists pains from silly handlebars, no sore shoulders from leaning forward all the time.

The fun really started when we left Ayr and took the A719 to the Electric Brae, fantastic scenery and views as you ride on a road with decent surface and corners to keep us all entertained. The wind farm was a really nice place to stop, it is very impressive to see those gigantic wannabe helicopters turn over making virtually no noise.


 Alternative transport

Alternative transport

Mauro and Jamie

What are you smiling at, you …. so and so!


Happy as a pig in shit

Electric Brae 071


Electric Brae 074

The bikes

Electric Brae 030


Electric Brae 034



  1. I forgot to mention, A77=Average speed cameras, not that it affects motorcycles ;)

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  3. The "Electric Brae" is commonly associated with an optical illusion, but I have discovered that there are FOUR volcanic plugs in a line with this weird road. Slemish in N. Ireland, Ailsa Craig off the coast, Edinburgh Castle and Calton Hill. What is significant is that the last two plugs are about 400 yards wide, the same width, roughly, as the length of the "Electric brae". Volcanic plugs emit energies like the spokes of a bicycle wheel, and where they cross, is the place our ancestors placed their ancient burial grounds. Scientists are going to have to take another look at this now!